Two Bedrooms

Two bedroom villas – From $371,400 USD

When you've reached a place in life where the sweet spot is this perfect, sharing the wealth seems in order. A spare room for out of town guests is a wonderful way avail your loved ones of this little bit of heaven you've found for yourself. We have a few different floor plans, to make sure every detail is exactly as you want it.

Available Two Bedroom Villas For Sale

Historica Villa 502

2 Bed / 2 Bath
Size: 1,076 sf / 100 m2
Features: Terrace shower, Terrace bbq / dining, Washer / dryer (2)
Floor: Fifth floor

Historica Villa 207

2 Bed / 2 Bath
Size: 1,548 sf / 143.9m2
Features: Wrap-around terrace, Terrace shower, Plunge pool, Terrace dining, Washer / dryer
Floor: Second floor