Playa principal

When You Find Yourself In The Most Charming Seaside Town...

How to describe Zihuatanejo? There are so many great qualities to this little town.

We’ve got the Paseo de Pescador a recently renovated kilometer and a half-long promenade that hugs the shoreline. Totally romantic, and beautiful, at that length it’s a lovely walk with your sweetheart, or it’s a decent morning jog. It’s also functional; Paseo de Pescador is not just fun to say, it’s so named because the fisherman dot the promenade in the morning hours, in pursuit of what may become your lunch. 

Zihua’s quiet relaxed charm is majestic.

A few blocks off the beach we find the municipal market with delicious fresh fruit and produce, unique items for your home, and souvenirs for loved ones, all in a bustling town full of regular folks just going about their day. There is no doubt that this is a small town, but it's well appointed such as it is. Whatever you can't find here, is surely waiting for you in nearby Ixtapa.

A Beach for Every Mood.

Zihuatanejo has Playa Principal, Playa Madera, Playa La Ropa, and Playa Los Gatos. Each one is different and has its own personality.

Nestled on the north end of Playa la Ropa, Sotavento is in a coveted location. The softest sand. The gentlest waves. It’s the perfect place to play, and we certainly do. Whether you want yoga, or paddleboarding, a delicious meal, or just a cocktail, our Sotavento Beach Club brings everything you want, and nothing you don’t, right to you.

Sotavento translates to “leeward”… making it the perfect name. Set right on Playa la Ropa, and into the leeward side of the bay, the location lends an air of peace and tranquility that’s easy to appreciate.

Zihuatanejo’s small town charm and our coveted location within it, couldn’t be better.

Playa la Ropa