You'll Never be Bored Again.

Every detail of the Sotavento lifestyle is intended to bring joy and beauty to your day. The art we've chosen for the walls and common spaces has meaning behind it. These are local artists whose work speaks to us, and we are proud to display them.

The culture here at Sotavento, and throughout the whole town of Zihuatanejo, is one of vitality and inclusion. We eat well and exercise, appreciate these blessed surroundings, and we live sustainably. We remain curious about life, and believe in always learning new things. We love a good happy hour, live music, and fun with friends. Our beach club is everything you'd want a beach club to be, and our massages are the best.

Our zest for life is echoed in Zihuatanejo's own cultural and social scene. While it's always been a relatively quiet, laid-back little village, it's got a strongly rooted community that certainly knows how to have a good time. The winter season in particular boasts a busy calendar, with such fun and internationally recognized events as SailFest, the Food & Wine festival, the Guitar Festival, to name just a few.

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We might be tooting our own horn a bit, but we can live up to the hype. Life here is better. Exhale, you've arrived.