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Get to know our new mural, and the artist behind it

If you’ve been by the Sotavento Beach Club lately, you’ve no doubt seen the new art we have adorning the back perimeter. While construction is taking place it only makes sense to beautify our space a bit more, so we partnered with local artist Pedro Vargas Albino to create something marvelous that we’re proud to […]

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Join us at the Guitar Festival

Have you heard of Zihuafest? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Imagine 8 days and nights of live guitar music, happening all over Zihuatanejo. Some of the most incredible talent you’ve ever heard, locally and abroad. Guitar music on the beaches, in the restaurants, and venues all over town. Plus, this year Sotavento […]

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Love, Friendship, and dinner.

If you’ve ever wondered if they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mexico, the answer is a very definite “yes!” Those of us from other locales tend to think of Valentine’s Day as a day for lovers. But in Mexico, Dia de San Valentin is more commonly known as Dia del Amor y Amistad: Day of Love […]

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Eat your heart out! The brand new Sotavento Beach Club menu is here.

It’s another beautiful day here at Sotavento Beach Club! And the next time you visit us, we’ll have a surprise waiting for you. No, it’s not those soft squishy loungers or our big thirsty towels (but those are pretty amazing too).  Nowadays we’ve got a brand new menu, and it’s packed with delicious creations we […]

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We now have a brand new sign in the front of the Sotavento Beachclub, the perfect place from which to taunt your followers. It’s got 30 arrows and gives shoutouts to beaches near and far, plus distances to several cities in Mexico and abroad.

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Beachy Keen

Recently we reopened the Sotavento Beachclub, and you’ve got to come check out these fabulous loungers. We have complimentary beach towels too, and a breakfast and lunch menu that can’t be beat.

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