Dreaming of a beachfront home in Mexico? Fly + Buy!

Owning a little piece of paradise sounds nice, doesn’t it? In this workaday life it’s so easy to sit at your desk, daydreaming of far off places, a beachfront condo in Mexico of your own one day. It’s an aspirational idea, one that for many people doesn’t get past the idea stage. When it comes down to it, the idea is nice, but it’s such a reach. When you’re just sitting there in Cubicle Land on a Tuesday, the idea that you really could own a second home on one of Mexico’s most coveted beaches is… well… a reach.

But what if you could just book a plane ticket, and take a vacation as you normally would? What if $2,000 of that vacation could even be comped, if you decide to take the leap and buy? You’ve gotten on a lot of planes in your life, taken a ton of vacations. This would be no different, but this time you’d be exploring how long of a reach we’re talking here. A distance that’s no longer a factor when you’re standing there, toes in sand, talking to the actual builder of your new home. Buying real estate in Mexico is easier than you thought. Picking out color schemes, choosing your dream view. It’s not just easy, it’s fun. Will you be perched on the 4th floor, or elsewhere? It’s no longer pie in the sky daydreaming. 

This is your life, leveled up.

That’s what the Fly + Buy program is all about: connecting the dots for you. Making your very own Mexico villa, a reality. We know it can be tough to imagine yourself going through the process of choosing a floor plan, solidifying the agreement, and moving forward. Life in the sunshine doesn’t look or feel anything like life back home in the real world. So Fly + Buy is all about immersing you in this beautiful environment. It brings you here on a VIP ticket and shows you all the great amenities of life in the sweet spot. It takes you by the hand and makes the introductions, so you feel at home in Zihuatanejo. You’re no longer a stranger here, and this is no longer a daydream. This is life in the sweet spot. Join us!

Fly + Buy is available to serious inquiries only! You must pre-register at: https://sotaventoresort.com/fly-buy/

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of a beachfront home in Mexico? Fly + Buy!

  1. Mark

    Curious, i was last in zih 10 years ago and visited your model Unit in your condo. Can you update me and any interested parties to what has being transpiring in the last 10 years with roadblocks to this slow moving production?

    • madeline

      Hello Mark,
      Thank you for your comment and questions. The property fell into some difficult times with the previous owner, but was purchased about 18 months ago by a new developer. A lot of work has gone on in the background to secure all our owners and to meet all the necessary regulations of the municipality etc. Since this Janaury we have had considerable interest from new and old purchasers. Selling nearly 10 villas in the past few months. Expectation is we will have occupancy at the end of 2020, early 2021.

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