We love it too.

The Sotavento property is proudly rooted in the history of Zihuatanejo. As recently as the early 70’s, our sweet little Zihua wasn’t much more than a tienda and a few stunning beaches. But Carlos Breuer, builder of the original Sotavento, would pay his first visit a full 20 years before that. 

Falling in love with Zihuatanejo is about as easy as floating in the calm waters of the bay, and he’d return in the 70’s to make his mark on this sweet little village, alongside his wife Eva Bergtold. Together they would create the Sotavento, offering legendary service that would attract the likes of movie stars, artists, and even diplomats seeking a little privacy from the spotlight. During Zihuatanejo’s original heyday, they’d host some of the most famous names. People like John Wayne, Liz Taylor, Mick Jagger, George Hamilton, Peggy Guggenheim, and so many more, had the privilege of enjoying the warm hospitality and care of Carlos and Eva.

As our new owners carry the legacy of the Sotavento into the future, it’s not lost on us how our own story is similar to Carlos. We too fell in love with this town 20 years ago, and we too are bringing a vision of luxury and world class service into reality. We can’t wait to see you here, and let the love of Zihua work its magic on you too.