There is so much to love about Zihua. It seems every wonderful thing about it is a highlight in its own special way. From the ancient archeological ruins nearby, to the present day cutting edge art scene, there are hidden gems everywhere you look. 

The ancient and the new… the luxurious and the down-to-earth… the jungle and the sea… it all meets right here in the ultimate sweet spot.

At Sotavento Ocean Resort & Villas, our love for Zihuatanejo runs deep. It’s the romantic history of the original building, and our sincere pride in carrying its legacy into the future. That wonderful, sweet feeling Zihua gives to you, she gives to us too. 

We’re in the sweet spot of Zihua, and you’re clearly enjoying a sweet spot in life. This is a match made in heaven, another perfect meeting. 

It’s made even better with attentive service and thoughtful amenities, in a stunning natural setting. Get ready to find yourself here.