The Smiling Faces of Mexico

There is so much to love about Mexico; this ancient land holds countless mysteries and legends. The mighty pre-Columbian Aztecs come to mind, and the curiously intelligent Mayans, with their spot-on mathematical calculations and charts. Evidence of the indigenous people is everywhere in Mexico, and their significance can be felt in our every day. In Mexico our roots are important, and traditions matter.

Here in Zihuatanejo it’s the same story, right down to the Mesoamerican ruins in nearby Xihuacan. We value our fishing village roots here too. Friendly faces are everywhere here. It’s easy to be happy; it’s all sunshine and shades of blue.

It’s easy to value the natural beauty here too, and do everything we can to protect it. Zihua is one of the cleanest, kindest places you’ll find, with impossibly gorgeous beaches. But none is as perfect as Playa la Ropa, the beach we call home at Sotavento. 

All the care and service, the attention to detail that made the Sotavento a famous hotel back in the day, is being offered now as a home for you. On this incredible beach. In this wonderful town. In this fabulously storied country.

When we say this is the sweet spot, we mean it.