The Best Beach For Doing Absolutely Nothing, Or Everything. 

Sotavento translates to “leeward”. The leeward side, as opposed to windward, is sheltered… quiet… protected… peaceful.

Sitting right on fabulous Playa la Ropa, nothing could be a more perfect compliment to the gorgeous scenery, than our very own Sotavento Beach Club. Think crisp, cool salads, fresh off the grill seafood, hand tossed pizzas. Healthy snacks, the best cocktails. The softest, comfiest chaises. The softest breezes.

Rent a paddle board… get a massageshop without ever leaving the beach! Permitted vendors will bring their wares right to you. Try a sunrise yoga class… drink a smoothie… take a dip, or perhaps just a glide. Here, the world is your oyster.

Ecologically Mindful.

Playa La Ropa has been working for years to achieve Blue Flag certification. And we’re really proud to tell you we’ve finally met all the requirements. Playa La Ropa is a Blue Flag beach 2020 and 2021. 

On Playa la Ropa, we leave only footprints. And a helping hand. With an eye toward the little guy, we have developed a turtle preservation program. We provide a safe space for egg clutches to mature, in a predator-free environment.

A Blue Flag certification is difficult to achieve, yes, but this is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see. It deserves recognition, and preservation. We’re proud of our work towards this new designation, but we’re even more proud… honored… to call this place home.

Playa la Ropa