The question isn't what are you going to do today. The question is what aren't you going to do.

One of the things that makes life at Sotavento so wonderful, is the abundant opportunity to get out and go. Fresh air, sunshine on your face, good food in your belly and an adventure before you, are all the makings of a fantastic day. With so many great options right out your doorstep, you could recreate that fantastic day in a hundred different ways.

Here are just a few recommendations:

Yoga on The Beach

Breathe, stretch, move and feel. Few settings are as inspiring as the beach, when it comes to grounding your body in nature. Our breath moves in and out like a wave. Looking skyward we reach up as our feet root down, our body centered within that vibrant energy. We bow forward in gratitude to this gorgeous scene Mother Nature has painted for us, and we salute the sun as it gently warms our backs. We do this daily, and we invite you to do this with us. Plug in.


Talk about putting yourself in touch with nature! Standup paddleboarding takes heart pounding adventure and a very real need for bravery, and makes it totally accessible to just about anyone. If the conditions are right, and at Playa la Ropa they're always right, you're just standing on a board and paddling. But you are at one with the waves. Floating above an entire marine universe… no motor… no disturbance. Just you, and every creature who calls this gorgeous bay home. Look down, and be humbled.

Surfing at Troncones

Playa Troncones is well-known for its waves, and things really get cooking from April through October. Interested in a lesson? A visit to Troncones never disappoints; whether you're there to catch a wave of your own, or just check out some of the surfers' tricks, you're sure to have a memorable day here.

Tours or Spa Day!

If you like the idea of getting out of town and stretching your legs a bit, but surfing is not your thing, there is a wide array of tours on offer in and around Zihuatanejo. Maybe a sightseeing tour? Or a trip to the ancient ruins of Xihuacan, located 40 minutes outside of town? Diving, sport fishing, sailing, snorkeling… there are myriad ways to have a wet and wild day. Perhaps a mountain bike tour, or a photo tour would suit you.

After all that touring what could be better than experiencing the finest in spa services. Our talented team will melt your stress away with our signature massage and body treatments. You'll soon find your mind and body at peace.

A Leisurely Stroll, or a Jog.

The Paseo de Pescador is about a kilometer and a half long, making it the perfect length for a stroll or a refreshing jog. Starting at the far end of town by the new pier, the newly renovated walkway stretches across Playa Principal and past La Madera. In the morning you'll find fishermen out there with poles in hand, catching dinner.

Saturday Farmers Market

The weekend Farmers Market is where the magic happens. There are so many talented people in this place… artisans of all stripes… and this is where the come together. This is where you will find the special jams and breads, cute things for your home, and gifts for your friends. If you’re here in Zihua, you’ve just got to do the market.