Travel Exchange Program

Another great benefit of your membership is the Travel Exchange Program. After the Sotavento grand opening, you will be able to exchange up to four weeks of accommodation in your condominium for travel credits which can be used to pay for flights, hotels, cruises, and stays at other vacation homes around the world! 

We are pleased to provide owners with a complimentary two-year membership in the Sotavento Travel Club*. We pay the standard initiation fee and there are no annual dues charged during your initial two years of ownership with us. 

We like to travel as much as you do, and we’re happy to share our incredible world wide network with you. Just one of the many perks of the Sotavento way of life.

* A $179/annual savings

The benefits of ownership. 

As an owner at Sotavento, you’ll enjoy a lot of the perks that come with many of the more prestigious addresses in our area. But one thing is uniquely ours, and therefore yours: the Sotavento Travel Club.

What is the Sotavento Travel Club? This is a members-only website where you can save up to 60% on cruises, hotels, vacation homes, and more.  

Membership in the Sotavento Travel Club gives you instant access to a portfolio of over one million hotels, cruises, and world-class resorts around the globe. With one click, instantly compare the Sotavento Travel Club price against the published fares on Expedia, Priceline, and other notable online booking sites. Plus, you will earn travel rewards credits with every purchase that you can redeem for future travel.

You also have access to the Concierge Team, who can help you book your personal and group travel, as well as support by phone or live chat, 7 days a week.