Zihua the way it should be.

Zihua the way it should be.

Sotavento at Playa La Ropa

Zihuatanejo is The Mexican Riviera’s quiet side. The charming old fishing village that drew Hollywood stars back in the day still lingers at North Beach. There’s music that’s not too loud. There’s food that isn’t too fast. From sunrise to sunset, there’s a town that remembers what Old Mexico can be.

And the beach. Your beach.

The beach where turtles nest.

The Beach That Made Zihua Famous.

It’s your Beach for Life when you own at Sotavento.

Life in a Day

Sotavento is Your Beach: sun, fresh air and fun. But the beach is just the beginning of a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

Build your days a hundred ways.

Yoga on Your Beach

When it comes to grounding your body in nature, it doesn’t get better than early morning yoga at Your Beach. Breathe with the waves and salute the sun as it gently warms your back.

Paseo de Pescador

The Paseo de Pescador is about a kilometer and a half long, making it the perfect length for a stroll or a refreshing jog. Starting at the far end of town by the new pier, the newly renovated walkway stretches across Playa Principal and past La Madera. In the morning you’ll find fishermen out there with poles in hand, catching dinner.

El Mercado Campesino

The weekend Farmers Market is where the magic happens. Talented artisans arrive from the countryside to sell their crafts and foodie treats like special jams and breads. This is where you will find unique homewares, and folk art gifts for family and friends.

Paddle boarding

Standup paddle boarding puts you in touch with the rhythms of the sea. At Playa la Ropa, tranquil weather means you can be at one with the gentle waves of the bay.

Surfing at Troncones

Playa Troncones is famous for its waves, with peak season from April through October. Catch a lesson and a wave of your own, or just check out other surfers’ tricks.

Beyond Your Beach

Zihua is a great base to explore the Costa Grande. Sightseeing? What about a trip to the ancient ruins of Xihuacan, just 40 minutes outside of town? Diving, sport fishing, sailing offshore or snorkeling at Las Gatas. Inland, the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur beckons for mountain biking or photography tours.

Approved by Turtles

(And Condé Nast Traveler)

Playa La Ropa has achieved Blue Flag certification in 2020 and 2021, aligning us with the UN Sustainability Goals. The Blue Flag award means that your beach is safe, clean and kind to the ‘local inhabitants’. Playa la Ropa has developed a turtle preservation program where egg clutches mature in a predator-free environment. Condé Nast Traveler agrees with our turtles — ranking Your Beach Mexico’s #1. 

Playa La Ropa.

La Playa Elevada.

Life at the north end of Playa La Ropa is as calm and serene as you want it to be. Walks at sunrise or sunset. Drinks with family and friends, leisurely meals under the stars. But when you want the rhythm to change, La Playa es ‘elevada.’

Take to the high seas to fish for marlin and sailfish, learn to scuba dive, or unfurl the sails of a yacht. The sheltered inner bay is the ideal place for paddle boarding, windsurfing or snorkeling.